A nation's cultural heritage, we are often told, is a pillar and mirror of its identity. It is also a treasure to be shared with others. As we freely enjoy the marvels of civilization created by other peoples, we also contribute the treasures of our own rich cultural history. The goal of the BLAGO Fund is to preserve and promote Serbian treasures in a way that ties together the past, present and future through the recording, archiving, conserving, and promoting the most vulnerable products of the Serbian culture in a systematic and organized way. Read more.
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July '17: The latest newsletter is out.
June '17: BLAGO publishes the latest revision of the website.  Most of the collections are converted into the latest web format.
May '17: Monastery Studenica collection has been completed.
Nov '16: New edition of Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija is available.


By crossing the Carpathian range and the Danube at the dawn of the Middle Ages, the Serbs and South Slavs in general enter their present homelands and the historical scene at large.

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From medieval music and literature to modern day Serbia.

History of Serbian Culture

20th Century History



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