Patriarchate of Pec
Church of St Apostles

The Church of the Holy Apostles is the oldest church within the complex. It had been elaborately planned by St Sava and built accordingly. The oldest parts are its altar and sub-domical spaces, as well as the choirs. Due to the later construction of the adjacent temples, the western end has not retained its original look. The church was built in stone, plastered and painted throughout. The earliest frescoes, those in the altar and under the dome, date back to the mid-13th century. Their topical complexity indicates that Sava and Arsenije I had an impact on their theological contents. The frescoes on the South and west walls, probably commissioned by King Milutin, include the portraits of Stefan the First-Crowned and Uros I. Two pilasters and the arc connecting the between the west and north bays were presumably painted between 1350 and 1354. Shortly afterwards, because some frescoes had decayed, the choir space was also repainted. In those years, the composition of patriarch Joanikije's Dormition was created above his sarcophagus. C. 1620. Georgije Mitrofanovic portrayed Patriarch Jovan in the niche of the west wall. Patriarch Pajsije partially financed the renovation of the deteriorated frescoes in 1636. The Church houses the relics and graves of three archbishops, Arsenije I, Joanikije II and Sava II.


Complete collections of all three churches in Studenica: Presentation of the Holy Virgin, King's, and St Nicholas.

The complete collection of the White church of Karan, located in central Serbia near the town of Uzice.

The medieval monastery, built in 1427, is located on the old road from Belgrade to Novo Brdo in Kosovo.

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Pecka Patrijarsija is located near the town of Pec, south-west of Kosovo & Metohija.