30_grachanica_panoramic-small.jpg San Francisco/Belgrade, 04/06/04 - The BLAGO Fund of the Serbian Unity Congress announces the completion of work on the archives of the Monastery Gracanica. The computerized virtual reality walk through and around the church, together with several thousand digital pictures and slides can be found on the BLAGO web site and is available for public viewing.


In the summer of 2003, the BLAGO team visited the monastery and created raw material for the archive of the Monastery. Situated in central Kosovo-Metohija, Gracanica represents a masterpiece of Serbian medieval, later Byzantine, and world art in general. At the same time, its architecture, fresco paintings, and the location itself presented the greatest challenge the team had faced to date.

After six months of intensive work, the archive is finaly available for public viewing. Authentic computerized virtual reality of the exterior and interior of he church, along with detailed fresco pictures, present the largest public archive of any monastery up to date.

In the tradition of the BLAGO Fund, material presented can be freely used to promote and research Serbian heritage.

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