March 24, 1998

Thank you for taking the time to become acquainted with this exciting project in which you can help to promote the Serbian cultural heritage as well as support young Serbian talent. The Serbian Unity Congress recently formed a special fund called BLAGO (Treasure) with two specific goals in mind: 1) to preserve and archive Serbian cultural treasures; 2) to help gifted artists and students develop fully and achieve the worldwide recognition they merit. Recent history shows how easily historical and cultural treasures can be lost. Regrettably, the current situation in our homeland is not favorable for the full development of talent in the fields of art and science. Enclosed is a full description of the ways the BLAGO Fund intends to address these challenges. 

The BLAGO Fund is grateful to have the support of His Royal Highness Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic and the blessing of His Grace Bishop Jovan of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church, who serve as Patrons of the Fund. 

At this time, the BLAGO Fund is actively looking for financial assistance. The important work ahead of the Fund will not be possible without this support. Wont you please consider contributing at one of the following levels:

Founder $10,000 and above
Benefactor $ 5,000 and up to $ 10,000
Sponsor $ 2,500 and up to $ 5,000
Donor $ 1,000 and up to $ 2,500

All BLAGO Fund contributions are tax-deductible. Please make your check payable to the Serbian Unity Congress - BLAGO Fund.

All supporters of the BLAGO Fund at the above four levels will have the right to have their names appear on all appropriate materials created by the Fund. They will also receive two complimentary tickets to the Gala Ball fundraisers. Founders will receive a complimentary table. In addition, Founders will be welcome to use the BLAGO Fund name in their promotional materials and receive an invitation to represent the BLAGO Fund at annual award ceremonies for young Serbian talent in the arts and sciences.

The cultural heritage of the Serbian people comprise one of the strongest bonds that tie our ancestral homeland with Serbs abroad. With that in mind, the Serbian Unity Congress invites you to examine BLAGO Fund materials and hope you share our enthusiasm about it. We hope you will seriously consider becoming an official supporter of the Fund at a generous level. We believe that the BLAGO Fund provides you with a unique opportunity to support and promote, in a direct way, the preservation of our rich past and the development of our living treasure.

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