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King's Church at Studenica

Microcosmos of the Holy History
A small perfection and a Christian jewel

Serbian King Milutin had the King's Church built in 1313 or 1314 within the walls of the Studenica Monastery, itself constructed by his famous ancestor Simeon Nemanja. The church is devoted to saints Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Most Holy Theotokos, Mother of God, but it has become more famous for its founder and has come to be known as "King's Church".

By building this small place of worship at a beautiful site, beside grandiose Studenica (one of the oldest Serb sanctities, abounding in usual ornamental and pictorial details), the old Serbian King seemed to have wanted to create a small perfection and a Christian jewel, whose appearance would be in harmony with its mother-church standing right beside. Hardly anywhere in the Christian world can one see so many biblical events, respect for holy warriors fallen for Christ and admiration for Christ's devotees on such a small space. Of course, in accordance with the dedication of the church, the part of History related to the Most Holy Theotokos was afforded the biggest space.

The arrangements of scenes from the history of the Old and New Testaments, the position of one picture in relation to another, how they touch and interlace, make this small church a Microcosmos of the Holy History. It would be no exaggeration to say that the old masters reached a level closest to perfection in encompassing the entire history linked to the Lord Jesus Christ with one big spiritual eye.

It is well known that the unknown masters had studied for months the lives of the saints they had been commissioned to portray, thus identifying with them. Invested in this small space is a small infinity of patience, artistic accomplishments and enormous love for Christ's religion and the Serbian land in which it was still taking deep root at the time.

This presentation is an attempt to acquaint chance visitors from all corners of the world with this church. The Blago team worked on this task as did the transcribers of old church books: with love, careful not to omit a single beautiful detail of this jewel from the shadow of the great Studenica.

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