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A u t h o r s
This digital archive is brought to you by:
Nenad Vukićević BLAGO Fund President: expedition director, digital photos
Vladimir Vukićević BLAGO Fund Founder: Virtual Reality Movies
Jelena Vukićević BLAGO Fund Founder
Nikola Lečić SUC Belgrade: digital catalogue, web programming, archive layout/design
Saša Sekulić SUC Belgrade
Mija Stanojlović Institute for Heritage Protection, Belgrade
Zoran Jovanović Art history specialist
Ljubomir Medenica
T e c h n i c a l  a n d  c o p y r i g h t  d a t a
All photos for this archive were made using Kodak DCS Pro 14n.
This archive was made with blessing of His Grace Bishop Artemios of Ras-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohia Diocese of Serbian Orthodox Church.
All photos are property of BLAGO Fund of Serbian Unity Congres and Serbian Orthodox Church. For more details, please check BLAGO Fund copyright page.
We wish to express our special gratitudes to brotherhood of Sopoćani Monastery for their hospitality during our work.
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